Maka is bright and loves to read and tell stories. Her curiosity knows no bounds and she’s known for her inquisitive nature. She’s always the first to stand up for what’s right and is passionate about helping others.


Lihle is cheerful and friendly. Always ready with a silly joke and willing to make everyone laugh. He is not only funny but also incredibly creative, with a talent for drawing and music. 


Amina is determined and loves to solve problems. She is analytical with a passion for science and math. Always there to help her friends with their homework or any puzzles they come across. 

Teacher Fungai

Teacher Fungai is a charismatic and musically talented. He plays a pivotal role in guiding and mentoring Maka and her friends in their adventures and lessons. He has a deep passion for education, a strong connection to Afrikan cultures and history.



Ndo is a high-spirited and creative young boy with a wild imagination. He’s energetic, fun-loving, and full of enthusiasm. However, Ndo can be impulsive and has difficulty focusing on one task for a long time. His favorite thing to do is drawing, but he has a habit of using walls as his canvas, which often gets him into trouble.


To is a bright, friendly and inquisitive child. Her curiosity often leads her to explore new places and try new things, but she’s also overly cautious. Always wary of the consequences and tries to keep out of trouble. She always looks out for Ndo.

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